Working with Clay by Claire Freer

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Exhibition : Working with Clay
8 October – 7 November 2021
June Marriott Gallery, Central Craft Alice Springs

My creative process is experimental, intuitive and
driven by the need to use found materials to create
objects and installations in response to my local
environment. Over the past two years I have been
working with various found clays I have sourced
with permission from local Elders and artists from
the Ngaanyatjarra Lands of Central Australia on the
tri-state border of NT, SA and WA.
Working with ceramic hand building and mould
making techniques, I have created a variety of forms
and installations that have been pit fired using the
local hardwood mulga (acacia aneura).
Claire works in sculpture, clay and textiles . She has
a Master of Fine Art from Goldsmith University
College London 2007 and started a Batchelor of Arts
in Ceramics at the Canberra National School of Arts
in 1981. Between 2000 – 2010 Claire lived and
worked in London United Kingdom as a freelance
artist exhibiting and working on multiply community
projects. For the past nine years she has been
working in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands WA, more
recently supporting the artists from the Minyma
Kutjara Arts Project in Irrunytju (Wingellina)
She has exhibited in Australia, United Kingdom and
Instagram: clairefreerartist1

Image courtesy of Michael Walters

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