April 11th

We had a healthy turn out with staging, lighting, sound and rigging represented. CAAMA was present as an organisation and Something Somewhere Film Festival was there as a festival. We had some understandable apologies, what with big events coming up this week.

We discussed the topics of being crew, crewing events, training and development of new crew, equipment hire and availability and paying crew.

Significant threads

  • Creating a continuum of work for crew
  • Bringing to the table to build this continuum the original events, such as Camel Cup, the newer events such as Desert Festival, emerging events, like Blacken and finally the larger government sponsored events for example Red Centre Nats.
  • Selling the advantages of local crew to the companies that win tenders, in particular AJS
  • Looking at the model that was used by the Victorian government to create a strong events calendar that supported crew and equipment
  • Building business confidence for the crewing and technical professionals and businesses by long term contracts and planning
  • Connecting with crews from Barkly to build out the local teams instead of going interstate
  • Connecting with crew from different groups to expand the crew, de-siloing the local crews
  • Providing not just training days in key technical areas but opportunities for crew to develop their skills over time
  • Not exhausting crews, remembering the importance of the win at the end of the job
  • Looking to schools, and other organisations for people genuinely interested in events
  • Working together with equipment and moving beyond grants for more equipment

As we were also representing Desert Festival we took the opportunity to outline the significant changes being implemented in how we cost and design the festival.

  • Developmental volunteering
  • Building the festival from the crew up, down the artist down
  • Multi-year contracts
  • Tiered employment – senior leads, operators, volunteer assistants

Greg Thompson from Araluen Arts Centre was unable to be present due to an upcoming show. He called in and contributed some key points

  • Support for pathways from high school > events, recommended grades 11 – 12
  • More opportunities for these people
  • The need for volunteer insurance (RHACA is currently preparing to provide this to members)
  • Breaking down the barrier between crews inside and outside the convention centre

The round table closed with a group request for another and to bring in more people from across the crewing landscape. With a preference for 5pm.