Red Hot Arts is excited to announce the addition of three new team members to the Red Hot Arts space.

Graeme Whelan – Production Manager

Graeme said he is ‘looking forward to working towards the Desert Festival and the odd little gig in between. I’m looking forward to working with the Arts and assisting different groups to create a quality production.”  Your Red Hot Arts Production Manager will oversee the Lighting Designers, Sound Designers or Stage Management, correlating everything to create a valuable experience. The production manager will make sure they are well resourced, assist with hiring the crew and assist with logistical challenges. “I pretty much take what is in a Director’s head and put it into a reality, provided the Producer says we have the funds to do certain things, of course,” Graeme said it’s also about making sure that things meet certain safety standards and adhere to the law. Things often need to be transportable, and the Production Manager needs to know where every bit of equipment is, who will be in charge of it, what their role is and what they’re going to do with it.  The Production Manager is responsible for a lot of assets such as tools, props and resources. Having someone here on a regular basis will help protect, maintain and preserve the variety of resource.

Graeme first came to Alice Springs in ’97 and stayed a year or two and came back a few years ago.  He was travelling and working and travelling overseas for many years, visiting places such as Japan and China.  He’s just come back from India and Nepal.  Graeme chose to come back to Alice Springs because he doesn’t like city life.

Madeleine Krenek – Arts Development Officer

The focus of the Arts Development Officer is to help artists grow their career, such as mentorship programmes, workshop programs, advice for grant writing, find opportunities and jobs for people to further their practice, as a business.

The other side is based around the Desert Festival. This relates to the presentation of artists, liaising with venues for artists to perform their acts.  “I’m looking forward to collaborating with the Red Hot Arts team curating and programming the festival.”

“A part of it is finding opportunities for people, for them to develop their practice professionally either here or overseas. There are lots of different type of skills development grants, one that is quite accessible is to support artists to travel overseas, to develop.”

Something exciting in the works for Red Hot Arts is to develop digital mentorship program.  Red Hot Arts has exciting technical capabilities to connect artists with face-to-face mentors in a meaningful way.  It doesn’t matter what the discipline, it could be fine art, dance or theatre.  It means that you can be in the studio space and showing your work to your mentor outside of Alice Springs.  A relationship can be built over time, so that down the track, artists can potentially apply for a quick response grant to spend a weekend, face to face for example, with your mentor.

“I’m really looking forward to empowering artists to fulfil their vision, to bring their ideas to fruition, to support them with the resource so they can work indecently, to learn more of the business enterprise of their art form. “

Madeleine is a dancer by trade, she is a contemporary dancer and studied in Melbourne.  She worked many years as a freelancer for 10 years, she worked in the states for a while, travelled around Europe. She’s been working in Alice Springs since 2012 but permanently relocated here last year.  She and her colleague work on a community dance program, professional dance projects and are developing a residency program for artists to come to Alice Springs to work on their art.

Barbara Clifford – Communications Manager

Part of the challenge for artists in Alice Springs is to communicate to the wider community around what’s on.  Additionally, the arts community need to know about jobs or opportunities that are available.  The role of the Communications Manager is to bridge that gap.  “My goal is to share information with the community with social media platforms but also to support people to access our “What’s Hot” website”.  The Whats Hot site is a free portal where people can upload their events or opportunities.  Once approved, the Communications Manager distributes the information via e-newsletters and social media.  The communications manager works collaboratively with venues, artists and festivals to create a cohesive line of communication.  “I’ll also be working on developing relationships and connections with local media and sourcing information that is useful for our local artistic & cultural community. I’d like to also work with artists to educate them on how to maximise their opportunities with stronger communication tools and strategies”.

A key focus for the Communication Manager will showcase festival seasons and the cultural events that fall within those seasons such as the Desert Festival, Beanie Festival, Finke, Wide Open Space etc.

Barbara came to Alice Springs as filmmaker back in 1999 and worked many years as a freelancer.  She left the film industry and Alice Springs in 2007, working closely with successful entrepreneur and starting her own business.  She missed the red dirt and the boundless opportunity that Alice Springs provides, returning in late 2015, continuing to work in her business in areas of communication and business development.