For box office services Red Hot Arts has purchased  a fully digital system that can act as a till, ticketing system, receipting system, and process credit cards as a point of sale tool.  Event organisers can not only add different tickets as well as merchandising they are now able to easily provide a branded receipt of purchase.  It’s a simple system that can easily be managed by volunteers and remove the need for a cash float or cash tin.  It allows event organisers to not only present more professionally but enables traffic to quickly move through the event.
Having a cash tin makes it difficult to track what items have actually been sold, or to monitor busiest times of sale.  Additionally, hand over of information can be tricky, such as the value of the start float or to establishing where, how or why a cash float is not balancing and who sold what at any given time.  A digital system streamlines and automates this process. The cost to present professionally or become professional is prohibitive with costs being around $800 – $1000 simply to set up, quite often for a one-off event.
The long-term goal is to make this a product/service that is for hire for any events organisers.
The first sub-pilot trial of the equipment was at this years Blacken Festival. Cy Starkman, General Manager,  worked with the organiser to trial the system. “We just used the phone card reader.  Not only did it help them create a quick point of sale, it made a friction-less point of sale.  For example, no one was turned away because it was ‘cash only’. “
The second element that creates a friction-less environment is volunteer training. Most people have probably worked in hospitality or used touch screens to create quick engagements.  Even though the friction-less environment created at Blacken Festival was rudimentary, it doubled the sale of merchandise just by having it there. No one was turned away with “oh sorry, we only take cash’.
Out at Wide Open Space Fesitval, it really sped up the process of moving traffic into the festival, dealing with large numbers of people in a short period of time.
A cash till can cause issues around security.  When sales are happening in a condensed period of time, there is little or no time to acquit a cash float and move cash out of the till. A digital point of sale system helps alleviate this risk.
Cy Starkman, said “We are looking forward to building on this experience with this equipment at the Desert Festival, a platform to support the sector, which is its purpose and how we’re funded. This point of sale system can be part of a whole box office solution and will lead into what’s coming up next which is an online ticketing system for people to utilise as well in the cheapest way possible. The system we’ve chosen allows us to make it affordable, with a minimum fee to help with maintenance costs and to pass on the card fees.
Wide Open Spaces really put the system through the test, it was dusty and dirty, some things broke. It was a trial by fire but from this, Red Hot Arts will be able to improve the system, equipment and process.