Well, here we are. Mostly or completely at home, for an indefinite period, for the safety of ourselves and others. The videos on the internet of people singing and creating music from their balconies is truly heart-warming and fills one with hope. It may be our turn soon and the development of art online across the world and here locally is growing. We, at Red Hot Arts, would love to hear about your online music, classes, exhibitions and more. And if we can, we’d like to support you to adapt and go online.

Swift action has already been taken by 8CCC Community Radio with their presenters now doing their shows remotely and also their support in live streaming of the Alice Springs World Chamber Orchestra performance yesterday. Be sure to tune into 8CCC for more wonderful live streams to listen to in the coming weeks. In My Blood It Runs documentary has also shifted to streaming, holding special Virtual Cinema screenings for the film and their Q & A’s. They are also providing the film online, for a limited period of time, to rent on demand via Vimeo.

Additionally, Guts Dance are offering some of their classes online and Mid Merry Yoga classes are already up and running online too. Bindu Yoga’s weekly classes are imminently online and there’s even some comic relief with “Debbie: Work Out Wherever”. Central Craft has an innovative re-usable mask making workshop up on their Facebook page! With many more classes and workshops planning to go online, be sure to list them on the Red Hot Arts website so we can promote them through our selected platforms.

Looking further afield, the both the Paris and Berlin Operas are streaming beautiful performances on their websites with offerings changing daily; and with some re-runs. Google Arts Culture has teamed up with over 2500 museums and galleries around the globe to create virtual tours with extraordinary and near-infinite collections on their website or app. For example, you can tour exhibits at the Met Museum such as the Costume Institute Collection and the Temple of Dendur from 15BC or explore the Frida Kahlo museum. What an absolutely astonishing and wondrous resource.

If you’ve got little ones or want to transport back to your younger years, the Open Culture website has an archive with over 6000 historical children’s books to read, all digitized; and for free. And with Bandcamp providing all proceeds to the artist, what a great time to get boogieing with the kids whilst providing support to others.

Please list any of your online events at www.redhotarts.com.au so that we can help get the word out there and please let us know if you need some assistance. Hopefully we’ll be able to help. Let’s all get closer than even in these times of distance.