67 Bath Street is alive with dance. 

Dance enthusiasts can participate in a rich tapestry of different styles and forms of dance, for beginners through to intermediate, from kids to adults.
Ilse Pickle will be delivering “Belly Roll” a technique behind the iconic movements of belly dance.  Participants will learn control, smooth isolations, lifts and drops, slides, shimmys, undulations, and sensuality! Ilse said “This class pays close attention to stomach muscles and the upper body (including neck and arms). It is great for tone, posture, core strength, and technique. Dancers will be rolling to a soundtrack laced with neo-soul, flamenco and drum beat”.  This fusion class explores moves founded in the Middle East that once mastered, help you in all your dance. Belly Roll is held on Monday nights at 5:30pm.
Ilse will also be bringing something ‘hot and saucy’ to 67 Bath Street.  Her ‘Hot Sauce – Afro-Caribbean Dance’ class will fuse together styles found across the Afro-Caribbean dance genres. It will explore movement from Brazilian samba, Jamaican dancehall, Soukous to hip-hop. “We’ll be playing plenty of homage to Beyonce!” said Ilse. “Not only are we building ‘booty’, we’ll also be building strength, technique and capability.”  The high energy class will be a dynamic experience of cultural learning, looking at cultural foundations and cross-overs. Hot Sauce – Afro-Caribbean Dance is help on Monday nights from 6:30pm.
Bernice Bristow wants to make tap dance accessible to everyone.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or how experienced you are, Bernice’s classes allow you to connect to the music with rhythm and style. Bernice said “Dance is not only about physical exercise but brain exercise, it’s actually the best brain exercise, they’ve proven that’.    Alice Tap Classes are held every Wednesday from 6:00pm during the school term. (Watch an interview with Bernice here)
Social Latin Dancing is a Latin American playground of dance and social interaction.  Carolina Monsalve transforms the space at 67 Bath Street into another world, taking us to a world of Latin American prestige.  ” I am from Columbia, the birthplace of salsa, I like to bring a little bit of my culture to the Alice Springs community, to share the music, my language and dance.” Carolina says it doesn’t matter if you haven’t done salsa before, she will teach you and you don’t need a partner, she will dance with you. Social Latin Dancing is held every 2nd Friday from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. (Watch an interview with Carolina here)
Started up by two dancers from Melbourne, No Lights No Lycra  is a dance initiative that encourages people from all backgrounds and demographics to indulge in music in a unique and exhilarating way.  Safe in a blanket of darkness, dancers are able to immerse themselves in self-expressive movement, free of teachers, technique and public view. Organiser, Bethany Wilson said, “It gives you the freedom to let go of your inhibitions go, to connect with the music in an expressive way with out the stimulation of lights or social pressures.” No Lights No Lycra is every Thursday night from 6pm – 7pm. Cost is $5.  (Watch an interview with Bethany here)
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