The space at Red Hot Arts has become a versatile hub to not only celebrate art but community cultural activity.  The recent addition to the calendar of activity at 67 Bath Street is a fusion of fitness and art.  Pound Fit is a workout of rhythmic action but incorporates drumming as well.  Course instructor, Letitia Stafford was introduced to Pound Fit by close friend and fitness instructor, Sila.  Letitia was hooked after participating in some classes and later covering for Sila.

She went to Adelaide in January 2017 to learn Pound Pro (the name given to Instructors).  “The music, the workout and the rhythmic action of the drumming, as well as the permission to rock out as loud as they like, is a powerful combination that makes people addicted to this workout once they try it! It is the perfect workout after a stressful day in the office, “said Letitia.

Using the rehearsal space enables gives permission for participants to engage in fitness in a creative an interesting way.

If you’re interested in using one of the many spaces available, call our office on 8952 2392 or complete the booking form (on the right of your screen).