Red Hot Arts Central Australia held their Annual General Meeting on the 18th April at 67 Bath Street.

Here are some of the highlights.

Along with the formalities, members and board members enjoyed a performance by local band, Wiggle of Judas.

Long-standing members Dave Nixon and Craig Sanrock stepped down after serving more than one term on the board.

Benjamin Erin, Station Manager at 8CCC has taken up a new position on the board, strengthening the relationship between Community Radio and Red Hot Arts.

Many have noticed the lack of women on the board, and female members of Red Hot Arts are encouraged to put their hands up.

At the time of the AGM, Red Hot Arts currently has 184 members.

Cy Starkman, General Manager for Red Hot Arts, presented for the first time, some interesting statics on what Red Hot Arts has achieved since 2001.  These include:

$470, 000 toward promoting events

$327,000 towards equipment hire

$115,000 towards venue hire

$1,102, 700 paid out to artists.

The Annual Report will soon be released, so watch this space.

Wiggle Of Judas. Photography: Mikey Boyce