The latest board meeting (since the AGM) have finalised new board positions.

  • Jason Quin                          Chair
  • Jonny Rowden                  Deputy
  • Markus Kuchenbuch
  • Rob Burdon                        Public Officer
  • Jen Standish-White         Treasurer
  • Damien Ryan
  • Benjamin Erin                    Secretary (new) could ask him about his story
  • Catherine Satour              ASTC

There are still two positions available.  Ata Hill and Rebecca Ellson both attended the board meeting to consider joining the board.  The fact that both these people are women, was encouraging for the board who want to see an increase of female representation on the board.

Benjamin Erin, a new member of the board, has an interest in community capacity building through new forms of media.  On joining the board, he said: “I’ve been inspired by the changes at Red Hot Arts and the opportunity to build the creative scope of the Alice Springs community.”  Benjamin is ex Sydney and has been  living in Alice Springs since 2013. His background is in Community Organising, Events and Performance.  He is the Station Manager at 8CCC Community Radio, and passionate about stories that we create.