Red Hot Arts, started in 1999 to promote the arts and cultural events of Central Australia and continues to innovate in the space. is the premier touch point for events, jobs, classes and opportunities

Now, we push it further with an upgraded events system. As organiser you will be able to edit, delete and access all the events you create. Update events or fix errors. Recurring events are a snap and the interface is fast.

Potential audiences will access your facebook event, maps to the venue and contact information. The front page focus in on events with easy filters, views and menu access to workshops, classes, opportunities and jobs.

To help you promote, while adding your event you can also book and send us artwork for the LED Signs and large posters at 67 Bath St. This service will include booking our new Digital Poster network rolling out this year.

As always your promotion goes out across our network, including weekly newsletters, The “What’s On In Alice Springs” Facebook Group, or our Page. Events are also promoted on 8CCC, ABC and the Centralian Advocate.

The new website also makes accessing Red Hot Arts easier and clearer. Memberships, bookings, calendars and services are all available and who to speak to right there. Plus, links to other organisations for support.

Saving the best for last, we are proud to announce that all events promoted on can now be ticketed. You customise the ticket, offer sales, collect patron information or simply request RSVP’s.

Best of all, we only pass on the processing fees. There is no charge to use the service except for big events. After the event, send us an invoice and we pay it all direct to you.

To extend the reach of your event, all ticketed events will be available for purchase at the Visitor Information Centre, with Digital Poster promotion and a $1 booking fee on top of the ticket price.

At the door, scan audience tickets with most smartphones. Our box office service also offers point of sale systems with inventory, receipts, eftpos and cash drawer. With a full sales report at the end, kiss tick sheets goodbye.

As General Manager this opportunity, to provide these valuable services to the Arts and Cultural sector of Central Australia is so exciting. As in 1999, in 2019 Red Hot Arts Central Australia is in service to the sector.