Red Hot Arts is an incorporated association. Incorporated associations are like any club (the darts club, the cricket club, the arts club).  We need to do things for our members.  Here’s a quick overview of some of the things we are currently working on for our members.

Professional Development

OUr professional development projects will provide members with access to a series of workshops throughout the year. We’re currently working on the types of workshops that are going to benefit our members most. These workshops will focus on business skills (such as tax) but also things such as building audiences, fundraising amongst other things.

For paid members, you can now book time with our team who focus on special areas such as production design, funding applications, marketing and budgets.

We’re also currently working on our remote mentoring program which will enable you to connect up with people around Australia or even around the world, for you to focus on your arts practice, not just your arts business.

Commercial Development

Our members can access advice and support on how to write your funding grant. We’ve been doing a lot of this in the last couple of weeks, helping our members to expand and develop their ideas and to apply for grants. Grants such as the Community Benefit Fund, Arts NT, Australia Council and Festivals NT. Our auspicing service is affordable for any of our members. It’s focused on creating an independent control for the artist and putting more funds back into their project.

Paid members can be associate artists, giving them access to 67 Bath Street for free. You are able to access the rehearsal spaces or the co-working spaces. For an extra $22 per month, you can operate like one of our tenants with your own key, access to things like printing and wifi and being able to come into the space whenever you want.

This weekend, we are providing the test and tag service for our paying members, or Test and Snag as we like to call it.  To ensure you reduce your risk and liability, we can professional test all your electrical equipment to ensure it meets safety standards and that you are fully covered for your insurances. Plus you can enjoy a cleansing ale, cider and delicious hot dog.

We can assist you to commercially developed your work for national distribution.  So if you would like to see your show go to a Fringe festival, we’ll help plug you into that.

We look forward to seeing your applications for the Desert Festival.  If you need assistance to build your work, we can support you to make it even better, so that when you’re on stage and ticketed, you not only look good but feel great.

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