Red Hot Art held an information night on the 4th April for those interested in the Remote Mentoring Program that is currently being piloted through Red Hot Arts.  It was well attended by different artists from different practices.  The intention of the event was to provide information to the local arts community about the mentoring program, to share ideas and to build the program together.
Artists and their mentor will have up to 20 sessions of remote mentoring times. This will would access to the optical fibre network at 67 Bath Street, State of the Art Conferencing technology, utilising large projection screens or monitors and directional microphones. Madeleine Krenek, Arts Development Officer said: “This program works over an extended period of time so that artists can investigate and talk about the work with their mentor.”
The scope of work could include activity such as classes, masterclasses or choreography so that the mentors are assisting artists to develop new work across an entire year, as an example. This is an alternative to flying someone up for an intensive, for a short period of time.  Cy Starkman, General Manager said “Not only does it make it more affordable, but we also have funding from the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation to pay your mentors for you so you don’t have to worry about those costs.  All we need is your idea and your commitment to developing your artistic practice.”
In the past, artists have been left with the technical challenge of recording their works in some form and shipping to their mentor meaning that it can be some time before feedback is received from the mentor.  With the development of space and technology at 67 Bath street, artists will be working in real time with high-quality sound and image.
“If you’re thinking about putting work into the festival but feel that you need some developmental support, this would be a great opportunity,” said Cy Starkman.
Expression of Interest close on the 30th April 2018.