Commercial Development

Red Hot Arts Central Australia is a member based Incorporated Association. General Membership is free and lets people vote, nominate for the board, influence direction and programming, attend workshops and access services. Paid members have greater membership benefits and access to services and support.

Being a professional artist means creating commercially viable works. From being hireable on other shows to taking your own ideas from development through to be a repeatable sellable product. Members can leverage their Association to remove the barriers they face.

Would you like to become a member?

Grant Support (members)

Red Hot offers an innovative auspicing service that prioritises the artists, costing an average of 5% with budget and application advice plus artist super and workcover. Support letters are available for applications provided in time to be reviewed.

Fees start with a setup cost of $500 with the rest based on your needs and capacity. This can mean your fees are as low as $520, giving you more money to fund your project and pay those who would otherwise need to be volunteering.

For a $50 non refundable administration fee, insurance can be extended based on an assessment by our local insurance provider,  Andrew J Gallagher.

To book an appointment, contact the Red Hot Arts Arts Development Manager.

Associate Artists  (paid members)

Paid members can apply to join an annual cohort who can book 67 Bath and access services for free. An incubator model, it is designed to provide the tailored scaffolding needed to develop a creative idea into a commercial product for national export.

There are a limited number of places in our Arts Associates program and you can apply by contacting the Arts Development Manager and submitting an application.

Test and Tag (paid members)

It is important that your electrical equipment, such as laptops, projectors, power boards, extensions, keyboards, amps and others be test and tagged. Events and clients need this so that their insurance is valid when you are working for them on events, or even in their office. Book a time with our Production Manager and bring in your cables and equipment for a free test and tag certification service for Individual/Artist members.