Christine Ng

“During my residency I would like to explore through different visual mediums a way of communicating my values, identity and experience as a young female-bodied coloured person living in Mparntwe/Alice Springs, a town polarised by black-white racism and other social, political and geographical extremes. The process for this would involve learning more about the history of Alice Springs. I aim towards producing some finished visual works that has clear visual relevance to Mparntwe even if the objective or intention is not explicit.” Christine Ng

Christine will be in residence in July/August.

I am an emerging visual artist whose artistic practice has largely started since moving to Mparntwe/Alice Springs several years ago. My artworks are informed by place, socio-economic and political context, as well as my personal identity and experience as a coloured, female-bodied first-generation “Australian” and settler. I use art as a medium to understanding my place in this world, and to express my personal values and politics. My art ranges from colourful landscape sketches and still lifes, to social satirical sculpture and paintings, to realistic portraits- some political and some personal.
I have worked a little bit with sculpture, printmaking and textiles but I consider myself a visual artist who mainly paints and draws using a wide variety of media and canvasses. I enjoy and often use unconventional canvases, such as reclaimed boards and old clothes as a reflection of my context and personal values.