Artist Residency Network

Artist in Residency programs are hugely beneficial to artists and the development of their practice. It gives an artist time and space away from the pressures and habits of their everyday life and place themselves in communal contexts with artistic peers  from all over the world. These conditions are conducive to creativity and allow space for research and development in a non-outcome imperative environment, dialogue and sharing amongst other artists and the opportunity to be influenced by and connect to a place other than their own.

Below are various links that you can navigate through to find the residency framework that’s best for you. They are wonderful resources, providing access to thousands of residency opportunities in Australia and all over the world.


Australia Council for the Arts Career Development Grants – Up to $25,000
Arts NT Skills Development Grants – Up to $20,000
Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grants – Up to $10,000
Arts NT Professional Development Grants – Up to $2000
Regional Arts Fund Quick Response Grants – Up to $2000
Arts NT Quick Response Grants – Up to $1000