Project Seed

Do you have an idea for a new artistic work, but need support to fully realise your idea? Do you want to learn more about developing new works, and perform in Desert Festival 2022?

Project Seed is a Red Hot Arts Central Australia initiative that supports local artists to develop and create a new work, and present it at our annual signature event, Desert Festival. Desert Festival is a community arts festival that celebrates local artists and the arts community, and supports community engagement, economic opportunities, and visitation to Central Australia. Desert Festival has a long and strong history of delivering an inclusive, vibrant and unique arts festival that is reflective of its home here in Central Australia.

From inception to presentation of the new work, Red Hot Arts Central Australia and the Desert Festival team will support artists by providing funding, time, space, and expertise in various design and production elements, over a five-month period in the lead up to the festival.

Project Seed is proudly supported by the Northern Territory Government.

Check out our media release here.

Key Documents


Project participants will be selected through an EOI process, which will be assessed by a panel. EOIs need to be submitted through an online application form which can be accessed here. Applications open Friday 19 November and close at 5pm 17 December. Applicants will be informed of the outcomes of their application in January 2022.

Red Hot Arts Central Australia is holding an information session for applicants about the program and application process at 5:00pm on Wednesday 1 December at 67 Bath St.


As this is a pilot project, we may add further questions and answers below, depending on the enquiries we receive. Please refer to the information package as the main source of information for this project.

If I participate in Project Seed will I still receive a fee from the Desert Festival for the presentation of the work?
Yes. This fee will be negotiated with you/your group in the early stages of Project Seed.

Do I have to undertake a two-week rehearsal intensive?
It is strongly encouraged for participants to make time and space to undertake this two-week intensive. If it is absolutely not possible, there is an opportunity to explain why in the application form.

If I get accepted into Project Seed do I automatically get a spot in the Desert Festival?
It is the intention that all works in Project Seed are presented in the Desert Festival. However, if targets and milestones are not met throughout the Project Seed process or if the work is deemed inappropriate, Red Hot Arts Central Australia reserves the right not to present the work in the festival.