Red Hot Arts works to leverage cross-association and cross-sector relationships to change perceptions, lobby for the sector and increase the commercial opportunities for artists, audience reach and the viability of the arts and cultural events sector of Central Australia.

If you are a member and would like our support lobbying or working with any of the below committees, departments or organisations, contact our Administration Officer to book an appointment.

NT Government
Lobbying Tourism NT for support with national promotion of the region as an events destination. Working with Festivals NT and Major Events to support sector development. Promoting training and funding opportunities from across the government to the region.

Tourism Central Australia
Work together to inform tourists of events and remove the barriers to attendance. Develop the sense of shared purpose between the sectors. Work with TCA and RHACA members to develop packages that include arts events and tourism experiences.

Chamber of Commerce
Build trust in the Business sector that the Arts are professional and business savvy. Network with regional business owners and managers to increase the commercial opportunities for artists. Offer professional development in business skills to producers and promoters.

Alice Springs Town Council (ASTC) Tourism, Events and Promotions Committee
Creating awareness within the arts events sector of the opportunity. Advocate for more support and spending of committee funds on outcomes that benefit all events. Making the committee aware of events to support that can increase visitor dwell time.

ASTC Public Art Advisory Committee
Advocating for an increase in fixed public art sites and committee support to open up spaces for temporary exhibitions on privately owned public facing land. Working with the committee to approve public art applications. Assisting artists in understanding the process to apply.

Chamber of Culture NT
Lobby for the charter and design to provide equal representation of each region. Collaborate on the development and scope of the charter. Provide a forum for RHACA members to hear what is happening and to influence the Association’s position with the Chamber.

Health Arts Action Leadership Project, Institute of Creative Health
Collaborate on the development of the NT and national framework for arts practice in health. Facilitate regional PD, networking and seminars for arts and health workers. Advocate into the Health sector to open up trials and commercial opportunities for arts practitioners.

Regional Events
Establish relationships with events in regional centres across Australia. Negotiate to establish trade agreements that facilitate the development and networks of artists. Work with artists to improve their portfolios and assess funding approaches to enable these opportunities.