67 Bath St

Centrally located in the CBD. 67 Bath St is the region’s art hub and an incubator for the arts events sector. The primary tenants mentor and service writers, musicians, performers, visual artists, regional events and support the national touring of NT arts and cultural product.

67 Bath St offers artists, teachers, community organisations and small businesses a stable and affordable work environment for developing new works, their careers, the sector and others. Artist studios or residencies are not available.

Co-worker                   Paid Members of 67 Arts Organisations
Paid members of Red Hot Arts, NT Writers and Music NT are free to use the building during business hours for work, meetings and rehearsals. All of the main rooms are available so long as they are not booked or hired.

67 Associate               $55/month (paid for project or annually)
For the co-worker who wants more. Access the stationery and print room with all the tools and consumables you need plus building tech and amenities. You also get your own code for the A3 printer, billed monthly and a key for 16/7 building access.

Room Hire                   $25 – $40 
Our foyer, studio/rehearsal room, meeting room and workshop are available for one-off and recurring hire. Rehearse as an individual or a group, plan events or use it as an event operations centre. Hold classes by term or annually; or book as needed for meetings, workshops, conferences, launches, presentations or shows in one room or many. 67 Bath Street Hire Flier 2021

67 Bath Street Workshop
67 Bath Street Studio
67 Bath Street Foyer

Office Hire                  $82.50/week TBC (annual)
Two lockable offices are put out to EOI each year. Applications are reviewed by the tenants on value added to the arts sector and building traffic. Successful applicants can access all building services. A cohort may be chosen, and the costs shared.

Foyer Shows               $200.00 
The front foyer is available through our partnerships with CDU, Central Craft and Watch This Space for artists and groups to display works not for sale. The setup, promotion, launch and other aspects are managed by the artists.

Technology                 Usually Free
Optic fibre NBN with building wide Wi-Fi connects groups up to 100 with 4k video conferencing and huge lit-room HD projection. Conference audio, powerful speakers, mixers and fixed and wireless mics are available throughout the building.

Catering                   Variable
If you require assistance booking catering we’re here to help! Just let us know when you book your space and we will make the necessary arrangements. The cost of this services is the cost of your catering plus a $110 fee.