Technical Assistance

For emerging events and festivals, the complexity can overwhelm what really matters, great content, strong marketing and happy audience. When small things get missed the exposure to risk increases. Red Hot Arts has the kit, the location and the skills to help you succeed.

We are not a hire company, but we know which ones to contact if you need anything from chairs to stages, audio equipment and bouncy castles.


Red Hot Arts can support emerging events with the basic equipment needed. This lets them stay focused on content, relationships and successful delivery. For more established events we recommend supporting local production businesses.

TEST AND TAG ($75hr for Paid business members)
Events will often draw on many sources of equipment including the organisers’ own homes. Book time at 67 Bath St with our production manager to speed through the test and tag process, making your site compliant with WHS and PLI requirements.

ELECTRICAL (Paid members)
Powering stages, sites and tents takes a lot of cables. Assessed on per request basis Red Hot Arts can sponsor events and festivals with access to its store of electrical distribution and cabling, including outdoor 3phase.

SITE (Paid members)
Events need a range of small equipment that is hard to hire and might only be needed once a year. Assessed on per request basis Red Hot Arts can sponsor events with first aid kits, marquees, portable tables and green room setups.

PRODUCTION (Paid business members)
Red Hot Arts does not sponsor events with lighting, sound and complex production equipment due to risk of damage. For established groups and events an equipment sharing agreement is offered to increase the production values for both parties. Make an appointment with us through our Administration Officer.


67 Bath St is the perfect location to build, stage and operate out of for larger events. Off street access to loading bay, vehicle lock up, workshop, along with lots of space for your project team, high speed optic fibre internet, video conferencing and more.