Grant Support

Projects For Members Who Aspire

When ideas move from concept to production one common funding pathway is Grants. Our services help you bridge the gap between your capacity and the monies made available by Government and Foundations.
Project Evaluations

  • Focus on operations and production
  • Assessed for feasibility and support needs
  • Consult and recommendations to your team

Support Letters

  • Projects need to be evaluated first
  • Available Letters
    • Feasibility
    • Personal Capacity
    • Creative Content


Available services

  • Legal relationship with funding body
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Payroll
  • Pricing
  • Currently testing new pricing model
  • Enquire how you might benefit

Applying for grants

  1. Find the grant you want to apply for
  2. Read the Auspicing Guidelines
  3. Call 8952 2392 to arrange a meeting

Information you may need